First Impression : Makeup Geek Eye Shadows

If you’re  like me you love eye shadows. In my opinion, eye shadows are essential to the whole makeup look. They can enhance the eyes, which some (me included) believe are the best facial feature. The right shadow color can make your brown, green, blue, or hazel eyes pop.
For me, eye shadows  must:
  • Have a smooth velvety texture
  • Applies easily
  • Blend well
  • Offer a excellent color payoff
  • Don’t flake, smudge, or quickly fade
  • Have a range of neutral and vibrant shades
Well, the eye shadows from the Makeup Geek collection do all of the above. Moreover, you get high-end quality at an affordable price. Luv that!
The Makeup Geek eye shadow collection offers neutrals, vibrant greens, beautiful blues, golds, and more. 

Recently I purchased several shadows and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Not only with the quality of the shadows, I was also pleased with the service ( items arrived in 2 days). The shadows are rich, silky and very pigmented, and will last up to eight hours ( at least for me with an eye primer). 

A few of the shadows that I thought was worth mentioning:

Goddess: Metallic pale copper (can be duped for MAC’s coppering)
Country Girl: Shimmery pink brown (not overly shimmery )
Bada Bing: Deep Brown with small flecks of gold
Last Dance: Satin medium to deep plummy brown
Taupe Notch: Taupe (excellent for blending)


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