It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

clip_image001Now that the weather is changing almost everyone is talking or writing about spring cleaning. Organizing your wardrobe, storing the winter clothes and bringing out the beautiful spring colored outfits, and my personal favorite, it is time to toss old makeup products you don’t use or wasn’t quite what you thought they would be when you purchased them.

****RANT ALERT****
Don’t they know these things are expensive you just can’t throw out things all willy nilly!!!!

Okay, now that I got that off my chest I can go on.

Honestly it is time to take a look at your makeup collection and makeup bag, decide what it is you haven’t used in like forever, or the “insert product here” did not work or look the way you thought it would when you got it home. I have to say I am the biggest culprit of keeping things that I don’t use. I believe this is from my inner hoarder.  
Well I have decided to clean out my makeup bag, drawer, and that notorious little box I keep throwing my samples (among other things) into.

I pledge that by the end of April 2012, I will have thrown out the old mascaras, the foundation that did not quite match my skin tone, the lipstick/lip gloss that I don't wear because it looked better in the store than it does on my lips. I will get rid of anything that I have not used since I purchased the product.
Moreover, hair care products; now that I am on my natural hair journey and don’t use products with sulfates, and parabens. Shampoos, conditioners, and whatever else, they will get tossed as well. If I am going to go down this road, let us not forget the skincare products that did not work as intended, or as the company claimed it would, they will also get tossed.

Whoa, that's a lot of throwing things out.

Oh, but there is a silver lining with all this cleaning and organizing. Since I am getting rid of all these old products, that will leave room for new products. ****big smile****
Okay, that was my inner product junkie speaking. Smile

Alright, I am going in. Wish me luck.

I would love to hear if you are spring cleaning your makeup collection, and what items you tossed.

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