Cream, Powder, or Liquid…What foundation is best for your skin type?

With so many types of foundations available, from creams with the consistency of concealer to tinted moisturizers which create an even skin tone while creating just a hint of color. It can be difficult to find which foundation is best for your skin type, age, and/or need.

For me, makeup foundation is the supporting layer to a flawless look. It can assist in an even skin tone and covering light blemishes and scars. Although, foundation does not help in covering all the blemishes, it is an important step. As stated by famous makeup artist Sam Fine, in an interview with Afrobella, “Foundation isn’t to mask bad skin; it’s to even your skin tone”.

So how do you decide which foundation is best for you?

While researching the subject there seems to be a consensus between the makeup gurus concerning which foundation each skin type should use.

If your skin type is:

Dry Skin Type
- If you have dry skin; you are more likely to want a foundation that hydrates. Oil-based foundations are best suited for dry skin types. Cream formulas are typically oil based, you may also benefit from an oil based liquid foundation. These oil based foundations are thick and emollient and therefore, blend perfectly and smoothly with dry skin type leaving the skin moist and supple.

Oily Skin Type – Women with oily skin; you are more like to want a foundation that is oil-free. Oil free or water based liquid foundations are great for individuals with oily skin, since they will not contribute to the oil problem. They offer coverage about the same as traditional liquid makeup.

Normal / combination skin - Women with a normal to combination skin type should go for water based liquid foundation. Water based liquid foundations offer lighter coverage than the oil based ones and blends perfectly with the skin giving and even and smooth toned appearance.

A few other foundations worth mentioning

Mousse foundation – the foundation is light and airy texture. The foundation offers a medium-to light staying power, allows for an easy application.

Airbrush -  Airbrush foundation offers full coverage and is frequently used by professional makeup artists for high-definition photos. However, there are home kits available which bring the flawless coverage and the best foundation for oily skin.

Powder/mineral - Powder mineral makeup works best for women who don’t need a lot of coverage. Although, there is some debate as to whether the mineral powder foundation actually lives up to the claims. Mineral powder does not have a lengthy staying power and after a few hours the evenness tends to break down.

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