Looking for some Beauty Inspiration!!

Today I am sitting here wondering what I should write about next. What is on my mind that I would like to share? Despite the fact that, I do have a few ideas the words don’t seem to be coming forth in a way that I need it too.

So as any good writer would do, I laugh a little. (Not to say that I am anywhere near a good writer). I take a look through the different magazine articles, the different websites, and the world around me for some inspiration, anything that would unblock the creativity juices.
In addition, I think about what is it I would like to add my two cents too, or pass along to whoever may happen across this article (while given the correct amount of credit of course).

Okay, still nothing. Wait!!!!

  • The online blog Coco and Crème has named Afrobella and CurlyNikki “Top Black Beauty Bloggers”. I believe the beautiful women have definitely earned the title. Coco and Crème has a beautiful website very organized and inviting. Good Job :-) 
    • @CurlyNikki, and @Afrobella ; you most definitely deserve the title. Keep up the good work.

  • Marlena, CEO of Makeup Geek and owner of the blog “Simply Marlena” is in Paris and it looks as though she is having a wonderful time. According to Marlena, she is enjoying yet another day in Paris, and of course enjoying fresh croissants and coffee. I am so jealous, I wish it was me. How many of us beauty addicts wish we could visit Paris. @Marlena: have a wonderful time Marlena, and bring back all the knowledge and croissants for the rest of us Makeup Geeks.

  • The blog, " For Harriet” has submitted an article “85 Quotes From Black Women to Inspire You”. I definitely need some inspiration. Thank you, For Harriet. I have been reading your blog and you seem to be a very articulate young woman.
    •  Favorite Quotes from the For Harriet article:
      • I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou. Okay, I am a fan of Maya Angelo, she could say “achoo”, and I would think it was poetry.
      • I did my best, and God did the rest. -Hattie McDaniel (YES YES!!)
      • The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within - strength, courage, dignity. -Ruby Dee (thank you Ms. Dee, I could not have said it better)
Alright, I am getting there :)
I then thumb through my Essence magazine. It’s only fair this is supposed to be a beauty blog

As written by Nicole Marie Melton in her article,  What You Said: Your Favorite Bright Lip color for Spring” beauty obsessed Facebook fans shared their favorite lipsticks. Per Melton, some of the responses were:
    • Blazing Red by Fashion Fair Lipstick
    • Russian Red by MAC Lipstick
    • Red Apple by Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick
  • Pinks:
    • Lickable by MAC Lipstick 
    • Spellbound and Heavenly by CoverGirl Lip Perfection
    • Gorgeous by Ka'oir Lipstick 
  •  Oranges:
    • Siren and Kiss Me Coral by Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
    • Orange Gina by Milani Lip Color

Let’s see what Allure magazine has to add:

In an article written by Sophia Panych, “The 7 Most Flattering Makeup colors for Spring” are:

· Red and orange lip colors ( YAY!! Orange)
· Orchid purple shadow seems to be making an appearance. (Okay, I can get on board with that).
· Yellow, orange, or lime green, eye shadows as well (yellow shadow....hmmm!)
· Cornflower blue liner and shadow (okay, pretty)
· Coral cheeks and lips – (Yes!! This is the one I have been waiting for. WooHoo!!)
· Terra-cotta eyes – (I like….)
· Ginger sheen (nice)

Okay, I did what the experts say do,  when your creativity is not flowing write  down the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks for letting me vent. Maybe tomorrow something will come :)

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