Review: NaturallyMe Shampoo Bar and Moisturizing Conditioner

I received samples of the NaturallyMe Shampoo Bar and Moisturizing Conditioner inside my April 2012 CurlKit. While I hate to admit, but NaturallyMe is another natural hair care company I was unaware of until I received it in my CurlKit.

A little about the company:

With motivation and determination a single mother from North Carolina, Chaundra Smith created an all-natural, vegan certified hair care and luxury body care company for the everyday women.

Well, on to the review
Product name: Shampoo Bar
Price: $4.25 for 3oz -3.3oz bar

Product Description: The bar is all natural and vegan certified. It does not contain harsh sulfates which not only cleanse the hair, but also strip it of beneficial oils. Keep your soap bar in a soap dish or tray to make it last longer.

Ingredients: (from the box) Olive Oil, water, coconut milk, sunflower oil, coconut oil, vegetable shortening, shea butter, essential oils

Fragrance:  Light minty smell

Overall Thoughts: After using the bar my hair felt squeaky clean, but not to the point where it made my hair feel dry and brittle. The bar lathers well, and has a pleasant refreshing minty smell. In my opinion, I think the bar would be best used as a clarifying shampoo.

o All natural

o Light, refreshing minty, clean smell
o Excellent for a clarifying shampoo
o Gives hair a nice shine
o Doesn’t leave the hair dry or brittle

o Personally not a fan of squeaky hair (this is a personal preference)

Product name: Moisturizing Conditioner
Price: $7.99 (sizes are not available on website)

Product Description: Whether you choose to deep condition and follow with a warm rinse, or you prefer the added protection of a leave-in conditioner, Naturally Me Hydrating Conditioner can be used as you like. As a deep conditioner, it is the perfect complement to our Moisturizing Shampoo or Shampoo Bar. This lightly scented formulation of Olive, Castor, Coconut and other oils promotes hair that is healthy, shiny and strong.

Ingredients: (from the jar) Water, Olive Oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, (there are other ingredients, but I am unable to read)
Fragrance: Light minty smell

Overall Thoughts: I used the conditioner as a deep conditioner. I left the conditioner in for about 30 minutes then rinsed out. I also used the product as a conditioner for a co-wash. Each experience with the conditioner I found my hair soft, and tangle free. After using the product, it is my opinion the best use of the conditioner is as a deep conditioner or hair mask. The product has a pleasant refreshing minty smell.

* All natural
* Impressive ingredients
* Light, refreshing minty, clean smell
* Thick, rich and creamy
* Gives hair a sheen

* Not easy to spread through hair

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