Review: Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray

Sporty Afros G+ Moisturizing Spray is one of the products I received in my April 2012 CurlKit. Before receiving the product from CurlKit, I had not heard of Sporty Afros.

A little about the company:Sporty Afros was created by two natural hair ladies from Dallas Texas; Alexandria Williams and Whitney Patterson, who wanted to create a platform for fitness and effective hair care for African-American women.

Alexandria and Whitney whose blog has become a great source for questions and answers concerning living an active existence in combination with establishing and maintaining healthy hair regimens. As stated by The Dallas Morning News report Leslie Barker Garcia, “The two ladies started the company after constantly being asked how they maintain their healthy natural hair while training for their first triathlon in 2010.”

Well, on to the review

Product name:
G+ Moisturizing Spray

Price: $5.00 for 2oz spray bottle, $10.00 for 8oz spray bottle

Product Description: To boost hair’s moisture retention. The ingredients in G+ Moisturizing spray work together to make your hair more receptive to absorbing the natural oils in the product which equals super soft, moisturized, manageable curls.

Ingredients: (from the bottle) Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, and a mixture of essential oils

Fragrance: light, clean, soap like smell.

How to use it: Shake well and simply spray

Workout usage: (per website)
* Use it before an outdoor workout to prevent your hair drying out in the sun
* Use it after your workout to add additional moisture
* If biking, spray your hair with G+ Moisturizing Spray and braid or twist it down so it will fit under your helmet

Overall Thoughts: I used the G+ Moisturizing spray after a long day at work. I wanted to try the product, and to freshen my curls for an after work happy hour. I added a couple of pumps to may hair, it took a while for my hair to soak it in, but it did not cause any problems like dripping or looking greasy on my hair. The moisturizing spray did give my hair sheen and did freshen up my curls for my night out. However, the next day I did notice flakes in my hair, which resulted in me having to shampoo my hair a few days earlier than I had planned. Overall, I feel the moisturizing spray works well for its intended use.
o All natural
o Light, clean smell
o Travel well
o Gives hair a nice shine
o Light, did not weigh my hair down

o Caused flakes the next day (for me)
o Takes a while for my hair to soak it in

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