Summer 2012 Favs - Hair Care

No matter who you are, what hair type you have or how you chose to wear your hair. A good hair care regimen is a must to keeping your hair healthy, and looking good.

Living in Arizona; my summer hair care philosophy in three words “Keep it Moisturize”. Since my big chop in May, it has been slightly easier to keep my hair moisturized during the summer months; however, it is still something I am very mindful of. Most times shorter hair is generally easier to care for as it will trap in its moisture more (as will longer hair) and will provide less area to get hot.

However, in my opinion during the summer months all bets are off. Long or Short hair keeping your hair consistently moisturized and defined is an ongoing battle.
The summer sun can be damaging to your hair. Proper preventive steps need to be taken during this season to ensure that your hair does not get damaged. The reality is that summer sun and humidity can damage your hair's cuticle and result in dry, drab, split, brittle or frizzy hair ends. Sunlight can be just as damaging as a hot blow dryer.

Naturally curly hair is often a major victim to summer fizzes. The warmer weather, increased humidity, sun-exposure and outdoor activities can take your hair from soft and shiny to brittle and dry and really who wants that.

Here are a few products that I found assisted me in keeping my curls shiny, bouncy, and most importantly MOISTURIZED.

Trader Joe’s Conditioner (Tea Tree Tingle and Nourish Spa)
Nourish Spa-Gives me great slip and I can detangle with ease. The conditioner has been one of my go to co-wash conditioners.
Tea Tree Tingle – The fresh tingly sensation of the conditioner is awesome on a hot morning. The product is cruelty free, has high quality ingredients and is thick and creamy.
Nether conditioners will weigh down your hair and always rinses out very easily. Moreover, for only $4 a bottle it is economically smart.

Coco Curls Moisturizing Style Cream – I have refrained from posting a review for this product (even though I am a fan of the product) because I did not want this to seem (to some) as a conflict of interest since HollyDayBeauty now sells Coco Curls. However, what they may not know is the reason why the product has become a part of our inventory is because it is a great product. I have been using the style cream since I received a sample of it in my July CurlKit.

The style cream adds moisture to my hair; it also gives it a great shine and definition to my curls. The product does not weigh down my hair or feel sticky; my hair remained soft and moisturized throughout the day. This is very good since most of the time I am walking outside in the beaming sun. The fact remains, whether HollyDayBeauty sells the product of someone else. Coco Curls Moisturizing Style Cream is a great product and a wonderful addition to my hair care regimen.
Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Shampoo – I stand by my previous review of the shampoo. I was pleasantly surprised by the shampoo and how it did not make my hair feel like straw. I followed up with Trader Joe’s conditioner and Coco Curls Styling Cream. My curls were shiny and bouncy. I would definitely recommend this product, not only as a regular shampoo, but a clarifying shampoo. After you rinse out the product your hair will feel squeaky clean, but not dry.

Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner – I have already went through one jar of the Deep Conditioner. I usually use the product to deep condition my hair at night.  Before going to bed I will add the deep conditioner to my hair and cover with a silk bonnet. The next morning I rinse it out while in the shower and my hair feels soft, detangled and moisturized. The deep conditioner has a creamy consistency that has great slip.  The product does a great job at moisturizing and detangling my hair.

I have also used the conditioner as a supplement to my styling cream during extremely hot Arizona days. I add a small amount to my Coco Curls Styling Cream as an extra protector from the sun’s drying rays.

Twists ‘n Locs Herbal Conditioning Spray – I love this spray. The mist is really light and does not heavily coat the hair, excellent on the spot curl refresher, and it gives one more conditioning protection against the summer heat.

Summer 2012 Hair Care Favs

Included with my hair care products I have made sure to continue to get my hair trimmed semi-regularly. Many naturally curlies find that their hair grows in a triangle shape; a great cut will have your curls falling in a flattering pattern that moves, instead of a big hood of curls that seem frozen in place. I cannot honestly say I stick to a particular time schedule as most would suggest. However, when I feel my hair is in need of a cut, I act on that feeling.

Unfortunately, I am located in an area where finding a person familiar with caring and cutting African American hair is not an easy task,  but I have managed to find a young lady who is familiar and does a wonderful job at cutting my hair. So if you are in the P.V. AZ area, stop by Great Clips and ask for Sandra. She is awesome.

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