Pro Tip: Foundation Fixes for Beautiful Skin

Foundation can make your skin look fabulous -- or flawed. Check out our solutions to common makeup missteps.

Problem: Your makeup seeps into pores and lines
Solution: Prep skin with a primer, which fills in all the nooks and gives makeup something to grip onto.

 Problem: Your foundation is over a year old.
Solution: Pitch it. Oxidation causes the shade to darken and it may be harboring bacteria.

Problem: Your skin appears mask-like.
Solution: If your makeup looks too heavy, it's best to wash it off and start again.


Problem: Halfway through the day, you notice streaks in your foundation.
Solution: Take the time to take a quick look in the mirror and rub out errant foundation streaks before you leave the house.

For more tips go to Foundation Fixes for Beautiful Skin
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