When you hear us say “bout that Safi life” …




"Safi" is a Swahili word meaning "clean" or "fresh".

...is the motto of Safi Co, a clothing and apparel brand that was started by positive young individuals with the resolve to work toward a vision.

Created by 90's babies

"bout that Safi life"

When you hear us say "bout that Safi life" that's referring to a special kind of lifestyle.
Safi represents finding happiness in one's self, inspiring creativity, and love. Whether its fitness, art, music, or television: dream it, achieve it.
When you're bout that Safi life and you have a dream, you chase that shit til its a reality. We are dreamers...we are dream chasers.
In the life of Safi, excuses don't exist. But most of all, when you're bout that Safi life, just be dope...dope as hell.

Striving to unite other positive thinkers and dream chasers with our brand.

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